Joe Budden Says Nicki Minaj is Not a Lyricist

Last week Thursday, Joe Budden got interviewed by DJ Akademiks, and they got talking about the Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef. Along the line of the discussion, Budden said Nicki Minaj's response to Remy Ma's Shether was weak, and that Nicki is not a lyricist. Do you agree with him?

Read his words below...

“I’m saying Nicki put out three records. I was telling you that when you put out three records, not just the one diss, you’re rolling out now. This is your team; you’ve concocted this right. Them sh-ts came and went, and trust me, I’m dying to say something nice about Nicki Minaj and her music because I’ve been so hard on her, but those songs came and went. Nicki Minaj is not a lyricist. She should stop tweeting lyrics, it’s not helping at all, said Joe Budden."

Kinda true what he said about the songs coming and going quickly. I can't even remember the titles of the two other songs. No Frauds is not that a bad song though, it just isn't a great diss song. 


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