Kodak Black is About to Go to Prison for 8 Years

Miami rapper, Kodak Black is about to go to prison for 8 years for violating the terms of his probation. Damn! Just when the guy released his debut album and was starting to get some shine.

The 19 year old rapper has been on a 5 year probation since 2016, and he violated it some weeks back when he assultated a female bartender at a Dade County strip club. 

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"Kodak Black was found guilty on five counts of willfully and substantially violating his house arrest in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, court Wednesday (April 26). He will return to court May 4 for sentencing. 
This was the third day of Black's probation violation hearing on charges of violating the terms of his house arrest by going to a Miami-Dade strip club, a boxing match in Ohio and other places without the authorization of his probation officer. 
In court, a detective testified about allegations that Black assaulted a bartender at the Miami-Dade strip club. (That case is still open because the accuser had not met with the detective, as of Wednesday -- which the detective said is not uncommon for such cases.) The former manager and a security guard of the strip club both testified as well. None of the testimonies alleged Black assaulted the women." (Billboard.com)


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