Ludacris Speaks on the Beauty of Being an Independent Music Artist

Ludacris and Tyrese were on Power 105.1 FM's The Breakfast Club show last week to promote the latest Fast and Furious movie that they both star in, and the discussion veered towards their individual music careers and the fact that they are both on independent music labels right now. And then Ludacris took time to speak on the beauty of being independent.

"When you're signed to a major label, it's too many middle men, it's too many people that have to call you to tell you why or why not something can or can't happen. You do it independent men, it's like the press of a button. This is going like this. I want it to go like this. I want this to be released right now. Vitamin D is everywhere. You know what I mean. Video is out now...I'm doing everything the way I want to do it." (Ludacris's Interview with The Breakfast Club Crew on Power 105.1 Radio)

I agree with him. Major label artists get the big budgets and sell a lot more than independent artists, but do they make more than independent artists? Not in all cases. While major label artists make like 35 cents on a CD, an independent artist can make $3.5 on a CD sale. Which means, an independent artist will make more off his album if he sold just 60k total than a major label artist who sold gold (500k copies). Do the math. On top of that, the major label artist doesn't enjoy the freedom the independent label artist enjoys. 


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