Nas to Drop His 11th Album this Year

It seems we are finally going to get a new album from Nas. It is long overdue. His last album was Life Is Good, which was released 5 years ago. That's half a decade ago. 

In his recent interview with Billboard, he was asked whether we should be expecting a new album from him this year, and he answered in the affirmative. 

Read how the conversation went below...

Billboard Interviewer- Nas, I know you made a record called "Nas Album Done" but I guess the album isn't finished yet? 
Nas- It’s not done till it hits the streets.
Billboard Interviewer- But the studio in this office is going to help create the vibe.
Nas- Oh yeah, that room is where we’re finishing everything.
Billboard Interview- Can fans expect this album before the year is over?
Nas- For sure.
Billboard Interview- Any titles in mind?
Nas- Not yet, not till release. (Billboard Interview)

Hmm! Let's wait and see. Nas has been promising his fans a new album since 2014, and he keeps disappointing them. I guess as he said in the song (Can't Forget About You) with Chrisette Michelle..."Never on schedule, but always on time."


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