Nigerians Come For Migos on Twitter

During a recent interview, successful American rap group, Migos were asked what their most awe-inspiring performance was, and they said their performance in Nigeria a couple of weeks ago. One of them (Offset) went on to add this...

"When we was on the highway...It's a third world country and it's a lot of struggle in the city...And for us to go to the show and they knew everything word for word...they knew all the words to the songs and their English wasn't even that good."

Nigerians aren't happy about the end part of that statement. By the way, to my American readers, I am a Nigerian, that lives in Nigeria. I remember one of my readers finding out I was Nigerian and being shocked. He couldn't believe I had a laptop or electricity to to get on the Internet. Anyway, back to the story, I am guessing the Migos member was referring to our accent. Yea, we ain't got the whole sweet sounding American accent, but most Nigerians write just as good or even better English than African Americans. Fact.

Below are Tweets from angry Nigerians going in on Migos for Offset's comment about Nigeria. 


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