Pras Talks About Life After The Fugees

For those that don't know, The Fugees was a rap group from the 90s that was made up of Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, and Pras. Lauryn was the lyrical one, Wyclef was good with the production and the hooks, Pras was like the muscle and the business man. They were just a perfect match, and were very successful. Their biggest selling album, The Score (1996) sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and all the individual members also had successful careers afterwards.

 The group has been disbanded for over a decade and the half now, and in a recent interview with DJ VLAD, one third of The Fugees, Pras was asked if The Fugees would ever get back together again, and he said no, and added that he is a great place in his life right now.

"We had a good run. I mean, listen, you know everyone's doing their thing. Umm! I like to think everyone is happy at what they doing. I know I am...This is going to sound very corny, but I have to say it because I'm so grateful for The Fugees...For me, I'm very grateful. I'm in a great place in my life. Umm! I...that was a moment that was great. We tried to do something, and it kind of like almost happened, it didn't...that is a distant past for me. When I'm...when i'm moving forward, when I look in that rare-view mirror? I don't want to see that. You know, to be quite honest with you. I don't cos to me it doesn't make sense anymore."


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