Ranking Kendrick Lamar's Albums

Kendrick Lamar just dropped his fourth album, and I want to do rank his albums from the worst to the best. Of cos, they are all great albums, but one has to come up at the top, and one has to be at the bottom.

4.  Damn
Yup! This is a good album, but it is the weakest of the four. Of cos, Kendrick has done so much in the past, so people would still view him based on his past works. This album has the weakest delivery and depth when compared with his other albums. I would rate it 3.5 out of 5.

3.  To Pimp A Butterfly
Great album. Great concept. I rank it 4.5 out of 5. Delivery and message are great. Message is given more priority though.

2.  Section 80
This was/is a great debut album. I mean, you have a song like Rigamortus with depth and insane delivery. You have a song like HiiiPoWeR with deep political message. The whole album shows a young man advanced beyond his years. Every lover of Kendrick Lamar's music should have this album in their collection.

1.  Good Kid M.A.A.D City
This is a classic...no discussion. From start to finish, the cohesiveness of the album is genius. If you close your eyes while listening to this album, it would be like you are in a movie theater watching a movie Kendrick wrote, directed, and acted in. Story telling on songs like The Art of Peer Pressure and M.A.A.D City are on the same level of a Nas, or Slick Rick story telling abilities. The album has 12 tracks...12 perfect tracks. This is most definitely a 5/5 album from Kendrick. 


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