The Day Damon Dash Was Beat Up in Paris

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s of the Rocafella days, a lot of drama went down and it is interesting to hear some of those stories once in a while. Veteran film maker, Choke No Joke was signed to Rocafella Records at some point and he recently narrated how a thug in Paris once bloodied Damon Dash's head.

"What happened was. Umm! We was in Paris. We was doing the international launch for Roca Wear. And we was on the press run. We was going to do radio and the driver led us out on like, on the worst block in Paris. Where dudes is...women are prostituting and dudes is selling drugs. So, we get out the car, as we walking through the block, you know, I'm filming. You know, before we get out the car, I seen this chick and I already started filming. I just popped a new tape in and I started filming. And this girl, she saw me film her, and she just like dipped. So, we get out the car, we walking, I'm still filming. This French dude...African dude... he come running down on me, he grabs the camera. And when he grabbed the camera, am like pulling it from him. But I know where he coming from cos I seen the girl. You know what I'm saying. So I got it. So, I'm pulling the camera from him to tell him like, 'chill, don't worry about it, I'll erase the tape or you could take the tape.' You know, it was a fresh tape. Dame. We all know Dame was boxing at this time. Training, everything. Dame finds this as the perfect time to test out his skills. So, Dame swings on the dude...the dude weaved it, came back reached in his back pocket, you know the black jack that has the metal ball on the tip, when you whip it it stand? He pulled that out, he whipped it, he caught Dame right on the top of his head, BOOM! And Dame just dropped to one knee. And he was all dizzy and everything."

Choke later narrated how he ran to the nearest store to drop his camera so he could help Damon Dash, but that he couldn't get back out of the store because the owners had locked it cos of the fight outside. And by the time he found a way out, Dame and his Rocafella crew were no longer at the scene of the fight. He told this story because Dame had recently told his side of the story, and said Choke actually ran away instead of helping him fight the French thug. You can watch the full video below...he narrates the story around 38 minutes into the video.


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