Are Jay Z and Solange Having Issues Again?

3 years ago, an elevator footage leaked of Solange attacking Jay Z furiously, with Beyonce standing there doing nothing. If it wasn't for their bodyguard that was holding Solange back, she would have done a lot of damage to Jay Z's body. We still don't know what really caused that fight. 

It appears they are having more issues again...this time, it is allegedly over Beyonce's soon to be born twins. 

According to Radar Online...

"Solange has really been with Bey a hell of lot, doing prenatal yoga classes with her and rubbing stretchmark oil all over her. However, Jay’s insisting it’s his job to be there during the birth and wants Solange outside in the waiting area. It’s turning into a real standoff and bringing up a lot of past ill will, which is probably why neither of them have thought about asking what Beyonce wants!,” 


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