Nas's Baby Mama (Carmen Bryan) Speaks on How She Helped Nas Break Jay Z Down on Ether

One of the biggest rap beefs of all time was caused by a woman, and apparently, that same woman helped mold one of the greatest rap beef songs in Hip Hop history- Ether. Yup!

Although the reason Nas and Jay Z had beef was cos she was sleeping with Jay Z, when she was still with Nas (some times taking Nas's Bentley out to see Jay), she said she didn't like how Jay Z was going at Nas using her cheating ways as ammo, so she decided to help Nas breakdown Jay Z psychologically, because she knew a lot about him.

While explaining her role in the Nas versus Jay Z beef during her recent interview with DJ VLAD, she spoke on how she helped Nas craft Ether.

"Once I realized what Jay was doing, I was like, 'you know, am not going to allow him to belittle Nas anymore. Like, I'm the only person on the planet that can belittle this nigga. I'm not letting anybody else have that opportunity. And so, I just umm! Called Nas and was like 'alright let's talk.' So, I had a conversation with Nas like an attorney would have with their client. And I just basically told him 'listen, if you want to win this case, you're gonna have to go this route.' Cos I knew what type of person Jay Z was. Jay Z is very...he can be insecure. Umm! He has a little bit of low self esteem in certain areas. And, he's sensitive. And I kind of knew what areas know...we all have sensitivities...we all have, you, things about us that we don't necessarily want the public to know about and I told Nas 'this is your opportunity to do whatever you need to do, but you have to do it all in one song. All of this subliminal...just rock this nigga, and let's move on.'...I told Nas everything that happened between Jay Z and I so that he could write the song consciously knowing what could come back as far as like, you know, a rebuttal." 

That was a chess move right there. That was why Super Ugly didn't have such an impact, because Nas already knew what was coming, He knew Jay Z's biggest weapon in the beef was that he had slept with his baby mama. But Nas's biggest weapon was that he had someone on his side that knew all the little intricate details about Jay Z. That's why, apart from stating a lot of facts and dropping the heavy diss lines on Ether, Nas had the funny lines like "Dick sucking lips" attacking Jay's secret insecurities. Lines like "were you abused as a child, scared to smile, they called you ugly" and "you no mustache having, with whiskers like a rat" were the real death blows on Ether. Cos they were the things Jay  had shared with Carmen Bryan in private. They were the things that made Jay Z's soul burn slow. They were the things that made him almost cry on Angie Martinez show shortly after Ether came out. 


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