Nas's Baby Mama (Carmen Bryan) Talks About Getting Pregnant for Jay Z

In a recent interview of hers, Nas's baby mama, Carmen Bryan spoke about being pregnant for Jay Z at one point in the 90s. For those that don't know her story and how she sparked one of the greatest beefs in Hip Hop history, let me run through her story real quick.

Carmen is legendary music producer, Large Professor's cousin, and Nas was working closely with Large Professor in the early 90s, and at one point, he met Carmen, and they instantly started dating. After a year of dating, they had a child (Destiny Jones) in 1994, Nas dropped Illmatic same year, and blew up on the scene. At this point, Nas is touring, groupies are all around him, and he and Carmen start having problems. And as he starts to neglect her the more, another rapper (Jay Z) started giving her attention. This was around 1997-1998. They started sleeping together, and Carmen Bryan got pregnant for Jay Z.

During the course of her recent interview with DJ VLAD, she was asked if she was ever pregnant for Jay Z, and she answered with...

"Yes. I had a miscarriage...This was before all of that (beef)...I think I was definitely less than three months. It was the first trimester...It wasn't anything crazy. It wasn't planned. It wasn't like 'oh, we gonna have this baby, then move forward with our...' No." 

That would have been one very odd situation. I mean, Jay Z and Nas having kids by the same woman. I bet Beyonce wouldn't have gotten into Jay Z's life if that had happened. I guess some things happen for a reason. 


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