Remy Ma Speaks on How She Reacted When She Found Out Rappers Use Ghostwriters

It is no big news that some rappers use ghostwriters, but back when Remy Ma was just get
ting on the scene (late 90s), it was more or less unheard of. In her latest radio interview, she revealed how shocked she was when she discovered some of her idols used ghostwriters.

"When I first met Big Pun, and I met Fat Joe, they were like 'so do you rite your own rhymes?' I was like, 'what do you mean.' Like I literally didn't understand. I was like 'What do you mean, like, do I write it? Do I just hold it in my head? They were like, 'No, you actually wrote this?' I'm like, 'Yea, who else would.' They were like, 'you know, most females, they have someone else who...' I was like 'No they don't! Who!' And they like started pulling up like reference tracks. An I'm heart was like crushed in my chest." (Interview on The Cruz Show on Power 106 Radio)

Yup! I know that feeling. I am a big Lil Kim fan and when I heard her reference tracks Biggie made her for her I almost died. It was like finding out that there is no God. Biggie used to write for Lil Kim earlier on in her career. Nas and Jay Z (Especially Jay) wrote most of Foxy Brown's lyrics back in the 90s. And yea, Nicki Minaj ex boyfriend, Safaree Samuels wrote most of her early albums. You have to give it to Remy for writing her own rap verses. 


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