Wale Speaks About He and J.Cole's Relationship After Their Beef

Right before J.Cole dropped his 4 Your Eyez Only album last year, he dropped a song called False Prophets, were he goes at Kanye West, and Wale. And for those that don't know, Wale and Cole are really good friends, so that record was really unexpected. In his recent interview on Power 105.1 FM, Wale speaks on how he reacted after hearing the song and how he and J.Cole's relationship has been since the song dropped.

"The night before that joint came out right. I will never forget it...me and my daughter's mother, we're not together but we've always remained, we always, at the worst, we best friends. You know what I'm saying. And I was talking to Cole. I was like 'men.' We was just talking about some things that were happening in...at home. Just on some homie shit. You know what I'm saying....Cole always give me good advise...I consider him a real friend. He was just telling me like...he was giving me game. We talked for maybe forty-five minutes that night. You know what I'm saying. And he never mentioned it one bit."

Whoa! That's kinda odd, don't you think? It is interesting to know they are still good friends after that. I guess that song was a way Cole felt he could get to his friend, since Wale wasn't taking his advise of appreciating what he had instead of complaining all the time.

Wale then went on to speak on what happened after he heard the song (False Prophets), and how he recorded his response to the song.

"That night, I went to VA (Virginia) to go watch some high school basketball. I went with my mans and then we went to like three clubs that night, and I got fried, and I didn't want to drive back to all the way to my house. So I stayed in the city. I woke up. I had like 30 missed calls, and like 40 text messages...So, at this point, I was like, I don't know what to expect. So, I hear that joint. You know what I'm saying. As I'm smoking and listening to that joint, riding around, and I'm just like 'take me to the studio. Right now.'...I ain't text him, he ain't hear from me until...he ain't hear from me until I put it out...That joint was down in about ten hours...He got those ideas in his mind because we so close...he felt that way, and the only bad thing is if that might set a narrative for people who don't really know me...But at the end of the day, like me and Cole gon always be friends."

Yea, you heard the man. They are just like brothers who might fight every now and then, but it doesn't mean they will hate each other for life. They would always work things out.


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